The Crew

Ken Miller            

Director, Writer, Co-Producer, Second


  1. S.Manohaari Habaragamuwa


MAJ “Rane” Ranawake

Co-Producer, Translator, and Still Photographer

Gaithri Fernando

Co-Producer and Translator

Odell Hussey


Sampath Searasinghe


Balapuvaduge Chanika Niroshani Rupasingha


Hiniduma Liyanage Grece Kamalawathi

Interviewer and Community Liaison

Sulani Perera


Pradeep Ginige


Karyiawasam Thanyhirilage Jayalal Sampath

Still Photographer and Community Liaison

Kekulawala Ralalage Deepal Prasad Chandika

Still Photographer

Janaka Prasad

Production Assistant

Jude Kishor

Still Photographer

Sheila Bringhi and Astral Audio Design

Original Score

Sheila Chandra

Music (Shehnai Song)

Website Design Consultant

Fareed Wardak and PCNETICS

Film Poster Design

Frank Repice

RD Wijeratna


Our deepest thanks to so many people without whose support this film could not have been made:

The villagers of Gonagala

The monks of the Gonagala temple

The Centre for Psychosocial Care, Ampara, Sri Lanka

Lasantha Wickramatunga, former editor of the Sunday Leader, to whom this film is dedicated. We mourn the loss of this courageous voice for peace, murdered in Colombo on January 8, 2009.

Gemunu Amarasinghe, a courageous and enormously gifted Sri Lankan war photographer with the Associated Press, for his generous permission to use his photograph of a Tamil woman grieving the loss her son.

Pomona College

David and Sue Hirsch

Nina and George Miller

Rachel Miller and Alan Epstein

Lillian Kaplan

Mita Banerjee

Tim and Elise DeKay

Jamey DeKay

Isabel Balseiro

Toby Hecht

Lenore and Roger Gaire

Midei Toriyama

Vincent Roussilhon

Eric Schoenman

Lutz Braum

Jane Ormiston